What Is ShootCalendar.com?

After more than fifteen years of arranging shooting days or syndicates in the UK, (and all over the world), we realised that there was no support tool available to give both shoot buyers and sellers information about their bookings whilst on the run.

ShootCalendar.com offers a marketing platform for estates agents or syndicates seeking to sell shooting, either by the peg, by the day or by the bird. We also provide all the after-market support of directions, hotels, payment history and in built communication system. As a provider of shooting you can also automate the delivery of your shoot contracts, and manage your annual diary.

We understand that there is more to running a shoot day than simply providing a location and a meeting time, (although these are of course vital!!). The logistics of collecting inflowing information from clients about their health, dietary or personal requirements, is one side of the shoot captains job. The reciprocal side is the provision of all the necessary information to the client to enable him to enjoy his day to the fullest extent. ShootCalendar.com provides a direct link between the estate and the client to ensure that all this information is available and distributed in the most efficient manner possible.

In the same vein ShootCalendar.Com operates as a back office system for shoots, who want to keep track on the progress of their days or season. They can monitor , pegs sold, revenue generated and again the all important communication system to keep in touch with their clients. Shoot Calendar charges estates a small success based fee ONLY upon completed sales, and the use of the site is entirely free. Contact us to see how you can sell shooting for as little as £10 per peg.

We hope you see that ShootCalendar.com is more than just a site to sell shooting through. It is our vision for the future of managing your shooting diary on the go.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback.