What is ShootCalendar.com?

For guns seeking shooting; ShootCalendar.com is an online platform, providing not only a wide range of shooting opportunities to choose from, but also the after-market support of directions, hotels, payment history and a communication system. Once you have bought your days shooting from ShootCalendar.com, all the information you require will be automatically added to your online control panel to ensure you get to you correct location on time and in good order.

In the same vein ShootCalendar.com provides a back office system for its shoot suppliers. This allows Agents, Shoots and Estates to keep track of pegs sold, revenue generated and again the all important communication system.

We hope you see that ShootCalendar.com is not just here to buy and sell your shooting. We believe it is a tool that will alter the way the industry manages its shooting diary in the future.

I hope you find the site as useful as we intend it to be, & we look forward to hearing your suggestions or feedback.